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Results of the Silk Jones Reader Survey 4th Quarter 2016

Silk Jones Reader Survey Results Hi there: I wanted to get you the results of the first ever Silk Jones Reader Survey I ever put out.  The survey is still ongoing. These are the results  for the 4th quarter of 2016. I can’t believe that 2016 is gone and we’re already fully into January, 2017.

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Which of Two Videos for the Law Firm Masters Series Do You Prefer?

Hey there: It has been a while since I touched bases with you in blog land.  I’ve been busy writing and experimenting with new ways to reach my readers. I do so love to experiment. But I digress. My latest experiment involves playing on a site called Animoto where you can make thirty second or

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How I learned Yoga Online at Udemy

Hi there: I don’t know about you, but ever since I started my own indie publishing company, I’ve struggled with learning how to do everything from managing my company’s books to how to market my erotic romance novels. I had to learn how to use social media, format and upload novels, market books from scratch,

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Come Join Me at the BDSM Writers Con

Hi there: I’ve been quite busy lately with getting the second book in the law firm erotica series “The Admin: Law Firm Erotica Book 2”  out on pre-order and gearing up for the mother of all BDSM reader and writers conferences next week: the BDSM Writers Con. The BDSM Writers Con, which will be held

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